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One of the most popular land yachts in Australia, and in the world, is the 'International Class V'. This is a yacht designed to be, affordable and easy to, transport, rig, sail and maintain.

With a maximum sail area of 5.5 sq m. and a typical weight of just 50 kg it is an exciting yacht that can be sailed by people from a very wide age group.

In 1988 members of the Sandgropers Land Yacht Club in Rockingham, Western Australia developed the 'Club 88' land yacht within the international class 5 specifications. This was done to provide a competitive land yacht of equal performance to other class 5 variations at a relatively low cost to give members the opportunity to participate in the competitions on an equal basis. More than 60 Club 88 land yachts have been produced and have proven to be competitive in local, interstate and international competitions and remains the cheapest Class 5 land yacht in Australia.

Club 88 land yachts are not produced commercially and are manufactured using a jig held by club members. They are produced from the materials specified under the class 5 guide lines and the sails are manufactured from templates held by the Clubs nominated sail maker. The club’s yacht building committee build the basic yachts to order and the sailor then completes the fittings including seatbelts, sheet rope, pulleys, ratchet etc. Some minor variations are allowed but the intent recommended by the club is to comply with the 'Club 88' specifications.

Members of the SLYC are encouraged to become involved in the 'Club 88' competition but are not limited to this class only.

During the competition season both 'Club 88' and Class V events are held. Points scored on Club Championship days will determine the Club Champion. Points scored on other days will count for the Consistency Trophy.

'Club 88' yachts can be sailed in any Class V event but Class V yachts do not qualify for 'Club 88' events.

In 1995 a group of Kite Buggy’s joined the club and these members conduct their activities at the Lake on Saturdays.

A small yacht, known as ‘Blokart’, was introduced to the Club in 2001 and competes within it’s own class on Sundays.





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