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The SLYC meets at Lake Walyungup, Rockingham on Sunday afternoons during
the summer, or while the lake is dry.

The lake is located south of Safety Bay Road between Ennis Avenue and Mandurah
Road, just east of the Warnbro station.

A programme of racing begins at 1:00 pm until approximately 5:00 pm with
social sailing or practice before and after the competition.

Annual membership of the club is $60.00 for seniors, $35.00 for pensioners and juniors (under 16), or $85.00 per family, social members $10.00. There
is a $5.00 original joining fee.

These fees are due at the Annual General Meeting of the club held in June and includes membership of the Australian Land Sailing Association (ALSA) and public liability insurance cover.

On race days a $5.00 entry fee for individual member is required to compete.
If the race fee is not paid you will not score points for that event.

Novice or beginner sailors are required to start at the rear of the field
for their first four race days and if their competence to race is demonstrated
to the race committee, and a pass is obtained in the written test, a 'pilots
license' will be issued and the sailor will then take the normal starting
position depending on the event.
The pilots license should be endorsed by the Commodore each year.

A calendar of the race programme is distributed to members each year.

The race programme for 'Club 88' yachts is for handicap races.

The Class 5 program is for scratch races that are conducted under the ALSA

Use of the Lake Walyungup venue is under a permit issued by the Minister
for Department of Environment and Conservation with the following conditions
: -gate to be locked on non-event days, and closed (but not locked) on race days
: -no activities during rainfall,
: -adhere to envionmental guidelines,
: -no parking or driving on grass areas.
Please keep the venue clean and observe the permit conditions as there is
no other venues in the Perth area suitable for land sailing.

Visitors are always welcome and would normally be afforded the opportunity
to experience the joys of land sailing, but they are required to complete
a 'liability waiver' form, available from the secretary, before sailing and
must refrain from sailing on the course area while races are in progress.


A group of enthusiastic land sailors joined together and formed the Safety
Bay Land Yacht Club on the 23rd of December 1979 to provide a social and
competitive organisation and promote the sport of land sailing.

Following an objection by the Safety Bay Yacht Club to the similarity of
the names, the members changed the name to Sandgropers Land Yacht Club (SLYC)
in March 1982.

Application was made to TVW 7 for permission to use the 'Sandgroper' name
and logo and this was given in June of 1982. In 1998 the logo was updated to the current image.

Incorporation was granted in December 1982.

The 'SLYC' is a founding member of the Australian Land Sailing Association
(ALSA), formed in April 1984, with the other members at the time:
Adelaide Landyacht Club (ALYC), Woomera Yacht Club (WYC) and Lake Lefroy
Land Sailing Club (LLLSC).

ALSA is the governing body for land sailing in Australia, maintains rules and
organises national competitions.


Come to the 'club house' before 12:30 pm to :-
pay race entry fee. ($5.00 senior)
draw start card or check handicap start position,
buy a raffle ticket.
Attend the pilots meeting,
Observe the 5 minute horn and flag,
Assemble in your start position before the time expires or the race will
be started without you,
Yachts arriving after the start must stop at the start line before joining
the race,
Check the course on the board before each race,
Check your start position before each race,
Listen to the starters instructions,
Acknowledge the flag Marshall when being shown a flag (last lap, finish,
race cancelled),
Keep clear of the course after finishing
Do not return to the parking area by crossing the course until all competing
yachts have finished,
Ensure that your correct sail number is displayed as per the Sailing Rules,
NO sail number = disqualification,
WRONG sail number will score for someone else,
Notify scorers before the start of the race if you change your yacht or sail
a different yacht.

Minimum wind speed for racing is 5 Knots and the Maximum is 30 Knots


Competing pilots must not drink alcohol until after the days event,
Non-competing yachts must not be on the course while a race is in progress,
Spectators must remain behind the barrier at all times.
No dogs permitted on the lake for race days,
Help setup and packup the equipment used for race days,
Parents are responsible for the behaviour and conduct of juniors and children,
All parking to be North of the "club house".


Apart from the local club competition there is a West Australian Championship,

South Australian Championship and Australian Championship conducted.

Competitions in Europe are conducted by `FISLY` and in the UK by the British
Federation of Sand and Land Yacht Clubs (BFSLYC).

Country events are usually held at Lake Lefroy, Leeman and other venues through the year.

Sport and recreation clubs build stronger, healthier, happier and safer communities.





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