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The sport originated in the Low Country from the year 1600 (earliest patent granted) and along the Baltic coast. The earliest authentic record is Dutch, dating from 1768. Land or Sand yachts of Dutch construction were first reported on beaches (now in Belgium) in 1595. The earliest International championship was staged in 1914.

Largest yacht
The largest known ice yacht was 'Icile', built for Commodore John E Roosevelt for racing on the Hudson River, New York, in 1869. It was 68ft 11in (21m) long and carried 1070ft2 (99m2) of canvas.

Highest speed, ice
The highest speed officially recorded is 143mph (230kph) by John D Buckstaff in a class A stern-steer on Lake Winnebago, Wisconsin, USA, in 1938. Such a seed is possible in a wind of 72mph (115kph).

Highest speed, sand
The official world record for a sand yacht is 107kph (66.48mph) set by Chritian-Yves Nau (b.1944) (France) in 'Mobil' at Le Torquet, France on 22 Mar 1981 when the wind speed reached 120kph (75mph). A speed of 88.4mph (142.3kph) was attained by Nord Embroden of USA in 'Midnight Oassis' at Superior Dry Lake, California, USA on 15 Apr 1976.

* March 1999; Bob DILL, USA 4032, set a speed of 116.7mph (186.7kph) at Lake Ivanpah(Los Vegas) in 25-30mph wind. *

** A speed of 144kph was reached by Bill Finch (AUS 11) in a rigid wing class 4 yacht 'Vindicator' on Lake Lefroy, West Australia on 25 Nov 1993.
Paul McGeever (KA 210) recorded 98.1kph in a class 5 yacht on the same day. **




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