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PACRIM 2006 Official Video - Available!

Pacrim 2006 Championships Video





St Ives Gold Mine Pacific Rim Land Sailing Championships 2006
Photo Gallery

The Sandgropers new banner in all its glory.

Kane, Clayton and Renee contemplating the New Zealand Teams controversial push starts.

Kim Bremner taking care of logistics on one of the quads that were used for the duration of the event. Huge thank you to the Honda Shop

Kane, Clayton and Craig putting on a bit of a "drifting" and "2 wheel" balancing show between races for the spectators on Saturday....bloody show offs.

Now this was one interesting land yacht. It may have been Ferrari inspired with its rear mounted power plant.

I wonder how it handles sideways.

Also a rear mounted sail

I guess the advantages to using windsurfing sails is a variety of sail sizes and advanced technology over typical land yacht sails.

One of the New Zealand Class 3/4 Yachts.

This one had the option of a fixed wing or traditional sail. It was one of the first times he has had the wing on.

The French designed Standarts brought by the US team were an attention grabber with their sexy smooth lines and speed boat metallic finish.

Internationally standarts are raced as a "one design" class of yacht similar to our C88s and BloKarts. Competition is based on sailor skill rather than the size of your hip pocket. Its a shame they wouldn’t last 5 minutes on Lake Walyungup, I want one!

Some of the Sandgropers fleet waiting in the pits for some wind.

Huge crowds turned up on Day 2 (Sunday 30th), Shame the wind didn't deliver. Those flags are looking very droopy.

Kristen sacrificed her week off work to work. The footage was used in a highlights edit played on the final night presentation and will also be used in the official PACRIM video.

Budget Team Racing unfortunately stretched their budget and had to push their yachts to Kambalda. "Anyone see a big white salt lake around here"

The water blew into the salt pond on day two and made for some great photo opportunities.

I abandoned my yacht in the salt pond for some quick photos. The pond on the east side of the causeway provided some good hard salt but was a little damp most of the week.

Quad Bike dead roo tours became a popular activity on the no wind days. This poor Kangaroo strayed too far from shore and was found crystallised on the surface by course setters about 10km from the head quarters. This is a good reminder to sailors of the harshness of the area,

Megan all salted up after a good days racing. When you forgot to put salt on your chips at the food stand it was easy to come by, simply brush you helmet over your chips........yes i actually did this......hey... where do you think salt comes from?

The great Lake Lefroy Buth Tub Derby under way.

Murray Turner and Kim Bremner with the Sandgropers "pray mantis" entry.

Murray won "best presentation" and finished the race in second place behind Nord Embrodens (USA Team) modified bathtub standart. Not bad, only beaten by a $6000 (or is it more?) dollar yacht. The hidden fire extinguisher inside the bath was intended to be an explosion of Water and foam but was diffused by the s bend into a mere trickle.

In a spectacular explosion of dust and dirt the “prey mantis” came to grief on lake Walyungup recently after hitting a marker. It reached a GPS top speed of 55kmph.
Apparently it will be up and running in no time.

Kambalda local Norm Karafilis in his short wheelbase bathtub entry with a hidden fire extinguisher hosing the Day family team.


If your wondering what the "Mini Class Yacht" is here is the Day Families fleet.

Kristen and the Budget Team Racings crazy antics.

The remains of salt mining equipment.

Its amazing how the salt can build up on objects on the lakes surface. Many of the hard softball sized lumps on the lake can be kicked open to reveal a small twig inside.

Remains of the Lister family salt works who were the first to mine salt in Western Australia.

A short tour happened on Tuesday morning due to lack of wind.

Jodie Chandler reflecting on the race that was

The sandgropers finish line witch.

"Yacht Cam" got a work out and delivered some great footage in the gusty conditions on Saturday 6th. The unit is mounted to the lower mast support or axel and can rotate 360 degrees via a remote control the pilot can access while sailing. It also has a water spray purposely for lake Lefroy which i managed to forget to take. It's on it's side in the shot.

The waste pile from the abandon salt mine has weathered into this interesting formation.

Beer o'clock.... Sunset over Lake Lefroy after a hard days racing.


Sorry I haven't got any photos from the blokart side of things up here yet.
I didn’t end up with many photos of the blokarts, mainly video however I have been sent some good ones which I’ll put up shortly.

For more information on the event see www.pacrim2006.com.au

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