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Welcome to the Sandgropers Land Yacht Club Guest Book

Please sign our guest book with your comments, suggestions or anything.

To help stop spam the words “Thanks”,“Thank you” and "http", (which seem to be linked to spam we get) have been banned.





Name: LUDO
E-mail: ludovicrauturier@caramail.com
Date Posted: 20:25, 22 08 2006
Message: hi, i'm a french and my job is landsailing teacher but in France we practice only on big beach near atlantic ocean. i hope one day i can practice in an other country like australia, tunisia, USA... and on ice lake. if you want see photos in France you can go to www.ffcv.org
see you

Name: Darron
E-mail: centralvic@bordernet.com.au
Date Posted: 17:37, 24 06 2006
Message: Hi guys, we are sailing blokarts in Victoria. You look like you have got it running well over there. Those salt lakes look fantastic. Were stuck with old runways.

Name: simon
E-mail: smccask@hotmail.com
Date Posted: 18:45, 21 06 2006
Message: hey craig, great work on the sandgropers website.





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